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Lightmoor Superstar – Amina

Since being nominated as Battery Recycling Champion at Lightmoor Village Primary School in Telford, Amina has been fully committed to the cause. She has been promoting battery recycling across the school by talking to every class as well as highlighting our school battery recycling point.
Amina designed, printed and laminated posters in her own time, using her own materials. These were placed in every classroom and other points around school. Alongside this, she has made journeys to the recycling plant in Telford to dispose of our collected batteries responsibly. She has also placed a box in her dad’s barber shop for his customers to recycle.
Over the Christmas holiday, she has visited family members and friends and has managed to fill a whole recycling bucket in just over 2 weeks.
All her hard work has led to her collecting over 1,000 batteries single handed as well as encouraging other students to play an active part in the big battery hunt.